Competition Rules

Competition Rules 2018


The competition is open only to wineries that are bottled and commercially available located in North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Canada.

All wines must be produced by a TTB licensed commercial winery with a TTB COLA approval for the label. All bottled wine entries must have professional commercially printed label that is TTB approved.


Entry forms must be received by May 30, 2018.

Wine must be received by June 18, 2018 but no earlier than June 12, 2018.

Please send your wine to:

The Wisconsin River Room/The Grapevine Magazine
c/o RiverCenter
136 E 3rd Street
Davenport, IA  52801


The entry fee for wines entered by the deadline of June 1st, 2018 is $20 per bottle and non-refundable. Methods of payment:

Fees paid by check and made out to: Bricker Publishing. Mail fee to: 805 Central Avenue, Suite 304, Fort Dodge, IA 50501.

Credit Card: You will be emailed an invoice where you may pay by credit card online or call our offices at 877-892-5332 toll free.


An official Registration Form must be fully completed at 

An official entry must consist of two (2) bottles per varietal shipped to the competition and the following production details for each entry.

1. Winery
2. Label (if different from winery name)
3. Varietal
4. Vintage
5. Vineyard (if single-vineyard designate)
6. AVA
7. Cases produced
8. Residual Sugar (percentage) (if applicable)
9. Statement attesting that the wine entered is representative of the wine marketed under the same label.

Note: All entries assume agreement of award forfeiture in the event of non-compliance. All wines submitted become property of The Grapevine Magazine, Best of the Midwest, Wine Competition 2018.


Awards presented prior to opening of Festival on June 22nd. The Grapevine Magazine, Best of the Midwest, Wine Competition 2018 will present awards for:




Three additional medals will be awarded to the wines chosen by the judges:

  • The GRAPEVINE Magazine Midwest Cup: A traveling trophy awarded to the Best Midwest Wine from any category
  • Winery of the Year Trophy: Awarded to the winery with the best overall showing at the competition, based on the highest average scores with a minimum of five wines submitted
  • The GRAPEVINE Magazine Best of Show Trophy: Awarded to the wine showing the best for each of the following categories: white, red, specialty/fortified/sparkling


Each winery may enter as many different wines as they like in each of the categories listed below. Competition coordinators may create or delete classes as entries require.

Category Rules:

  • Single varietals must contain at least 75% of the designated variety (75% cold- hardy grape). If the wine does not meet this standard it is considered a blend.
  • Blends must contain 75% cold-hardy grape varietals.
  • Non-grape fruit wines must contain 75% cold-hardy fruit.
  • Identify all varietals in registration.
  • The Grapevine Magazine Best of the Midwest Wine Competition organizers reserve the right to disqualify a wine if any of the rules have not been followed properly.

Red Grape
Native, French, and American hybrids as listed. Wines to be judged as specialty/fortified/sparkling should be entered in Classes 20-25.

  1. Petite Pearl
  2. St. Croix
  3. Marquette
  4. Maréchal Foch
  5. Frontenac
  6. Dry Red – single variety and blends
  7. Semi-Sweet Red – single variety and blends
  8. Blended Rose (blended rose/blush)
  9. Varietal Rose (single variety with exception of Frontenac)
  10. Frontenac Rose

White Grape
French and American hybrids as listed. Wines intended to be judged as specialty/fortified/sparkling should be entered in Classes 20-25.

11. Frontenac Gris
12. Edelweiss
13. La Crescent
14. Frontenac Blanc
15. Prairie Star
16. St. Pepin
17. Brianna
18. Dry White – single variety and blends
19.Semi-Sweet White – single variety and blends
20.  Traminette
21.  Noiret

This category is open to either blends or single varietals. Classes are:

22. Red – Sweet/Dessert
23. Red – Fortified
24. White – Sweet/Late Harvest/Dessert
25. White – Fortified
26. Ice wines
27. Sparkling grape wines

Non-Grape Wines
100% cold-hardy fruit wines and mead may be entered. Classes are:

28. Berry wines
29. Apple and pear wines
30. Stone fruit wines
31. Fruit blends (not grape)
32. Fruit/Grape blends
33. Other fruits, Rhubarb wine
34. Mead — Mead/ Fruit blends (at least 75% Mead), Maple syrup, Maple syrup/fruit blends
35. Sparkling non-grape wines


Wine tasting competition will be conducted by a panel of select guest judges, sommeliers and others who have established professional or educational expertise with Cold-Hardy Grape winemaking and growing.

Entry forms must be received by May 30, 2018 – Wine must be received by June 18, 2018.


The GRAPEVINE Magazine Best of the Midwest Wine Competition will accept the following varieties considered generally hardy without winter protection in USDA zone 4. Other varieties that meet this criterion will also be eligible for use in blends. If a variety is not on this list, wineries should contact the to determine eligibility. Competition organizers reserve the right to make final decisions concerning eligible varieties.

  •  Adalmiina (E.S. 6-16-30)
  •   Alpenglow
  •   Baltica
  •   Beta
  •   Brianna
  •   Castel 19637
  •   Chelois
  •   Chisago
  •   Crimson Pearl
  •   D M 8521-5
  •   E.S. 6-16-30
  •   Edelweiss
  •   Elvira
  •   Frontenac
  •   Frontenac blanc
  •   Frontenac gris
  •   GR7
  •   Itasca (MN 1285)
  •   Joffre
  •   Kay Gray
  •   King of the North
  •   L’Acadie Blanc
  •   La Crescent
  •   La Crosse
  •   Leon Millot
  •   Louise Swenson
  •   Luci Kuhlmann
  •   Marechal Foch
  •   Marquette
  •   Norton
  •   Petite Amie
  •   Petite Pearl
  •   Prairie Star
  •   Radisson (E.S. 593)
  •   Riparia (native grape)
  •   Sabrevois
  •   Seyval Blanc
  •   Sipask
  •   St. Croix
  •   St. Pepin
  •   St. Vincent
  •   Swenson White
  •   Troubador
  •   Valiant
  •   Vandal-Cliché
  •   Ventura
  •   Verona