Equipment /Additional Add-on


Rental Agreement

2018 Midwest Grapevine Midwest Viniculture Expo

June 19-22, 2018


Vendor/Auction Tables  $10.00 (6 ft table clothed & skirted)

Forklift Rental (Clark 4000#) $150/a Day

Genie Boom Lift Rental (500#) $150/a Day

Stage (4′ x8′ panel) $20/per panel

Pipe & Drape  $3 per foot (8′-10′ height)     $5 per foot (12′-16′ height)     $2 per foot (3′ height)


We provide 120/20 AMP Single Phase in each booth package.  If you have different electrical requirements, please, note that electrical is outsourced and will need to be ordered in advanced to receive the following rates for a 2-day event.  The RiverCenter has a specific electrical order form and you may request it directly from the venue (see contact information below).

120/208 30 AMP two pole $85.00

120/208 Volt three-phase $135.00

Audio Visual 

You are welcome to bring in and run any AV equipment of your own. We have a limited number of each item. Additionally the following list is subject to change.

In-House Equipment:

Screens 6’ x 9’ $60.00

10’ x 14’ $100.00

Projector Large $450.00

Small $250.00

Microphone Wireless $50.00

Lavalier $50.00

Wired $40.00

Patch Fee $10.00 per space

Speakers (set of 2) $60.00

AV Technician TBD (hourly rate)

Podium: NC

Flat Screen TV (42”) $60.00

Flat Screen TV (60”) $100.00

Equipment Rental Contact:

Jennifer McKee

(563) 326-8502

(563) 326-8505 FAX

(Not affiliated with Booth Boss)